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Living the HeartArt Mission

You've followed your heart! Welcome to!

The vision to create this gallery followed after I decided, that my happiest place was outdoors exploring nature, and that I wanted to share this joy with you. Initially I've envisioned a project, where I would take people with me on my local adventures. Then I realized that I much rather travel places than spending time with reservations. So, on to my next idea.

Since you can't spell HeArt without the word Art, the mission was created, to bring nature with all its beauty (and all its life-answers) closer to you, in form of a community plattform.

Thus, Creative Endeavors was born. A private social platform, where people (perhaps) like you, may wish to share their photographs, texts or other artistic inspirations with each other and the public.

The site is a compilation of personal experience and appreciation for all that is.

I personally, find my peace and balance in nature, and in inspiring others. I'm not only gifted with the art to recognize swiftly what others desire, but I also have come to learn to find answers no matter where I am. Most everything is inside of us or right around us. But it requires nurturing and developing to build the foundation for trusting your senses and your inner voice. I've found much help with it, in Nature.

Perhaps you've already made similar experiences or might find my site as your motivation, to trust the process to do the same.

The guidelines to join are simple:

Option 1: Just to sprinkle Joy:

Pick your best 3-5 images, write me a short email with your consent to publish these on my site (with your name/location, and copyright), and off you go. My gift to you.

Option 2: Share the Love:

Option 3: Join me to make your talents profitable, and the world a better place:

(Artistic) Subjects include:

Sounds like fun? Contact me! I would look forward to collaborate with you!

The proof of its existance are - as with everything else - pictures! Thank goodness for that, because otherwise I probably would have already been picked up! :-)

Of course science has a name for this, it's called "


But before you leave this site, let's get back to why you're here in the first place!

I assume, that one of my many captivating images may have cought your attention. Feel free to browse through my galleries. And if you feel inclined, join my plattform or order a print or two.

Your positive or constructive comments of course are also always welcome. This site is supportive to like-minded individuals, who enJoy sharing with others to make a positive inpact in this world.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your HeartArt here soon.

Heart hug,

Claudia Götschi

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