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Tranquility | Stille

"Tree hugging or forest bathing is positively addictive!"

Shirin-yoku | Forest Bathing

The Japanese long practice Shirin-yoku (observing the atmosphere or “forest bathing”) to alleviate stress, anger, fatigue, or feelings of depression.

Allowing your mind to shift from a routine setting into a"woodsy green"-mode, automatically switches you into a different awareness. The sight of a forest, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which then automatically shifts to recalibrate itself, calming the entire body down.

The moment you set foot onto dirt, gravel, leavy or mossy grounds, the instant you start smelling the bark of the trees or other scents of the forest (of meadows or waterfronts), it feels like all the weight of the world falls off your shoulders.

The Frequencies of the Woods

The lightness you experience, when your lungs instinctively accept the clear air, while your chest opens to receive, is very liberating. If you walk, your circulation improves through breathing more regularly, and the rest of your body relaxes. The chatter in your ears subsides and your mind is able to finally retrieve into a well-welcomed stillness. You can actively hear your heart or breath following a new rhythm - the frequencies of the woods.

Whether you simply glance ahead or marvel at the sun rays shining through the tree tops, your cortisol (hormone) levels normalize and the left prefrontal cortex of your brain (associated with stress and apprehension) relaxes, allowing the immune system to naturally regenerate.

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© Claudia Goetschi | #heartartgallery | @bestaskclaudia

A stroll a day, keeps the doctor away!

The forest scents of pine, birch, cedar, oak, moss and friends have long been used in traditional folk medicine. The trees and plants emit a myriad of gasses, which help them ward off a variety of pathogenes. To us however, they stimulate our immune system and each smell, color or texture is soothing to our eyes and nervous system.

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Just a few short walks a week in woodlands or grass meadows or near warter is proven to help mental health and strengthen your overall well-being.

After a few visits, the effects become positively addictive. Because even though you may walk the same areas most of the time, each visit reveals something different. The variety of colors, textures, patterns, smells, noises or shades, the time of the day, or the acitvity of the wood animals, each create a different setting.

For a moment you simply forget the stuffy rooms, polluted air, or traffic noise. Your feet and sensory parts of the body rejuvenate. New oxygen flushes through your brain and organs, you instantaneously feel better and - more alive!

Uncompared Tranquility

The absolute highlight however is the uncompared tranquility it creates. Even though the woods or meadows are busy with all kinds of insects, or leaves whistling, an undescribable stillness overcomes your being. The one of a kind that will always make you go back for more.

This is a safe and healthy habit to have. If you don't have the luxury to be near trees or forests, it is proven, that even by looking at images (online or in books), it can reduce your stress levels, and help you breathe, concentrate or sleep better. Find an online video with relaxing waters, bird or wood songs. (Temporarily), the mind doesn't know the difference. The images or sound frequencies will give your brain a break, and remind you that you're appreciated and loved.

If you learn to develop a deep connection to Nature, I proise, you will never feel alone!"

© Claudia Goetschi | #heartartgallery | @bestaskclaudia


Now it's time for a cup of tea. If you have time, you can create a little

Tea Ceremony

On your next stroll, collect some pine, birch or other tree bark, cones or small twigs. Less than a handfull will do.

Shake and rinse carefully! Boil hot water in your favorite kettle.

Pour hot water into your favorite pot, mug or tea cup. For a light taste, simmer 6 minutes. For medicinal purposes, simmer 30-45 minutes. Then use a strainer to get rid of any residue. Add honey or maple syrup to taste, ready! Alternatively: Add a pine cone into your coffee! Let it simmer for 6 minutes. Enjoy!

Remember, a cup of Forrest Tea a day, keeps the flu away!
  • It is a great blood cleanser,

  • it will keep your blood sugar and blood pressure balanced, and

  • it will alleviate joint or muscle aches and pains.

Speaking of cups, I encourage you to visit my gallery!

Get an impression of how life in Nature can inspire and strengthen every part of your life.

If you see something you like, chances are, it is also for sale. So inquire within or pick something out of my catalog. Perhaps a piece of wood art or mountain magic, may find its way into your living room or motivate you on your good morning coffee or tea mug.

Thank you for visiting, sharing or liking! See you again soon!



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