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Adaptability | Anpassungsfähigkeit

Stand tall like an oak, be flexible like the willow, and life will take care of you!

Trees have tissues called Meristems, which function almost embryonic, like a reservoir, where the tree (no matter the circumstance) can draw nutrients, hormones, moisture or anything it needs.

They also adapt their design (including their root direction!), depending on how the landscape or climate changes require them to find their essential nutrients for survival. They adapt their branches depending on sunlight, shade or wind. A miracle or plant intelligence we may say, because they far exceed animal or human potential for survival or regeneration.

When animals or humans hunger or are in pain we may have certain options to overcome death or suffering long-term. However once ill, we do not have the same extent of ability to regrow a limb or find alternatives to recharge our energy like the trees, who are masters of growing new parts or free themselves of any they (no longer) need!

A tree knows, when it needs to let go to give the greater part of itself or its surroundings a new chance!

The ability to readily sense, locate or know its ressources in an sub-par environment requires sophisticated decision- making or an innate intuitive intelligence, including the openness to constantly wish to expand one's possibilities.

Indigenous people have long taught that humanity is only one form of intelligence. To survive and adapt to any inner or outer changes, it is essential, that we pay attention to other forms of life for our own growth and sustainability! After all it is the trees and the butterflies who have survived millions of years to not only still entertain us with their beauty, but perhaps also to assist us in evolving into more adaptable human beings.

Because as much as we may have grown into one of the more intelligent races over time, we are still light-years away from the natural intelligence of plant beings who live in constant connection with Source. They are free from duality, ego or questioning. They always seem to intuitively know what is good for them. More importantly, they automatically implement it, in whichever form necessary, in order to be able to adapt to the ever-changing requirements their active or passive life requires.

I invite you to visit my gallery. The images are filled with inspirational messages and native beauty. Perhaps some of the text has left an imprint with you, perhaps you may want to share it with others who may find themselves in a situation of change or question how to adapt to a certain situation. At any rate, I'm happy you visited my site and I thank you. Blessed be.



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