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Swiss Heritage Tours

About Castles,
Outposts and Medieval Cities

Unforgettable Tours with your personal Guide

Switzerland's impressive castles and historic sites are sure to capture your attention. Built to outlast hundreds of years and many conquerors, they all have lots of tales to tell.


Tours can include:

  • 1-2 hours easy walking explorations to one of the quaint historical villages of your choice or

  • 2-4 hours e-bike (electro-bicycle) ride to 1-2 hot spots of your choice
    Easy tours tailored to your time, flexibility or physical movability.

My home-town is nestled in the famous Heidi region.


Surrounded by mountains and castles it is a given that you will experience the best that Switzerland has to offer besides Chocolate!

I'd enjoy navigating and narrating you through this very charming area full of history and beauty.

Perhaps you'd prefer to see the Heidi movie set or you rather visit our beautiful vineyards and Torkels (wine cellars). Perhaps you're more in tune with the history of the world's geology, or simply curious about all the fossils, artifacts or architecture found in this region!

Curious how it all got started? Explore my gallery or visit me in person!

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