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Welcome friend!


I'm excited that you're here, enjoying a part of my exciting journey today!

Born and raised in the magestical and magical Swiss Alps, certainly provided the foundation for my passion for Nature and everything organic. But my true Love for it, I only discovered later in life, when I stopped taking it for granted.

My journey


I always loved taking pictures. I've traveled and lived abroad for a good part of my life. I did not start out as a photographer. My background is in consulting and project management, working for renowned corporations for many years.


To honor my innate intuitive gifts, which helped me quite well throughout life (but also left many questions unanswered), I decided to change my career path.

In my mid 30s I started to delve deeper into the mysteries of life, into anthroposophy, the study of human nature, major religions and spiritual practices, including the philosophies, health and healing methods of various (native) cultures around the world.

Today I use my medium and positive influencer skills to mentor and guide people towards recognizing their purpose, and walk them into true success.

For more on this, visit or

Because "Answers are everywhere", and I can help you, how to discover them!

Back to the roots

Switzerland is a great place to truly ground and connect to Earth.

First I only went for forest walks and bicycled up and down the Alps for balance and good health.


Later it became clear, that I needed to integrate this into my mentoring, so this too can become a way of life for others.


Inspiration leading to action! This is how #heartartgallery was born.

Let me know, how you like my site. And thank you for sharing my work with your communities on social media.

Much Love


Cinque Terre, Italy

"Time is a luxury! You can't buy extensions at the grocery store, so use it wisely by doing what you love!"

© Claudia Götschi #heartartgallery

"Sometimes I'm drawn to a place for no obvious reasons to only find myself in total awe at what is revealing itself right in front of me for this one, perfect shot."

© Claudia Götschi #heartartgallery

"If you take your time to look closer, Nature Spirits are always happy to show themselves."

© Claudia Götschi #heartartgallery

"Taking a picture is childproof. Simply detach from the outcome. Follow your inner promptings and you will always find the perfect shot!"

© Claudia Götschi #heartartgallery

Simplicity and authenticity!

Awareness, well-being, equality and ecology are just as important on my site, as design and aesthetics.

I keep things simple. I don't use a professional camera or any other expensive equipment. None of my images have filters or are photoshopped!

With my mobile in one hand and my eyes (and other senses) wide open, I explore and create stories and well-being through photography, art and writing


My lifestyle is filled with beauty and passion. I love bringing people closer to Nature. She is full of inspiration, provides courage and strength.

Join me today! Visit my gallery, or come enjoy a stroll through Nature!

Or bring my artwork straight into your own home, by ordering through my print-on-demand service I use via Etsy or Social Media. Thank you!

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