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​Welcome to my Gallery

My Mission is
  • To create Joy, inspire, and re-connect humanity back to its organic frequency - spending time with Nature.
  • To open your eyes and senses to beauty, and safety, recognizing there's always plenty.
  • To show you how to tap into answers you seek, because they are everywhere, readily available, the moment you set foot outdoors.
I offer this by
  • Showcasing this inspirational gallery, where you can train your eyes to see different perspectives, which creates a renewed openness for this healthy, free ressource right at your finger tips!
  • Taking interested guests on my personal exploration trails, practicing Forest and Nature bathing!
  • And if you can't come to see me, HeartArt will come right to your screen! Feel free to browse and tank up!
  • To share my prints with you directly via Etsy and other print-on-demand stores. Depending on your region, you can pick from wall-prints, greeting cards and calendars or let fun or beauty inspire you when taking a sip from your water bottle. Some of my art will definitively lead to great conversation topics.
  • Creating a place of exchange with other heart-centered Artists, who wish to share their Art on this future community site. If interested, send me a note and we can discuss further.
Now I wish you a splendid day!
Feel free to like, share or purchase my prints, if you feel inclined! Thank you!
My Online Store is opening soon! Check in again in a few weeks!
In the meantime, feel free to tell everyone, share or like, thank you!